Solside Stories - Chapter 10

Bobbo looks disapprovingly at our merry band of bloody barbarians... ehm adventurers. He says that the ruler of Westerfall has been expecting us. Before we have time to ask why, we are ushered inside the city. The OTHER figure waiting by the gate raises its hand and waves but we are to busy holding onto all of our loot to pay it much attention.

We are led to the center square of the city. Waiting by northern stairs is a exemplary well dressed man. Well dressed for the Krater that is. He introduces himself as Fredrik Wester, KING of Westerfall.

Fredrik is a man who is used to getting his own way. He likes the control and power that comes with being a ruler. So imagine his displeasure when a bunch of drunk mercenaries crash his party, drink his drinks and flirt with HIS staff. It would be lovely to be the one who can brag about such a feat, but our group is not the guilty party. We do, however, know the guilty party. A while ago the Descendants payed Westerfall and Fredrik Wester a visit. They did indeed crash one of his parties, drink is drinks and flirt with his staff. What's worse, Fredrik goes on, it wasn't just some “garden soaré”, but a banquet, A BAN-QU-ET. Ola, Carola and Glenn all look at each other. “A ban-qu-et? What's that?”

So, to set things straight, Fredrik wants us to personally visit some of the more important people who were “subjected” to the Descendants. “There's Director H. K. Bergdahl here in Westerfall, and then there's David Treehorn in Sommersby.” Fredrik says and shoos us off. As we leave, a small person in the shape of the figure outside of Westerfall stands in our way and waves at us. “Ho there friend-” the person manages to get out before Börjes meaty fist shoves him out of the way. “To the curb, tiny!”

We head off to Bergdahls place, he lives in the eastern part of the city. We get to him and Ola does his very best to put on a shameful face and apologize. Apparently, there's no need, Bergdahl says he hasn't had that much fun in ages. He even offers us some figs as a token of appreciation of our friends. We ask him if everything's cool. Everything's cool.

Nice little restaurant.

Next up is David in Sommerby. While the little village is close by, we figure we can hit two birds with one stone. See, there's some bounties here in Westerfall. The bounties are for “a special set of boombox batteries stolen by Toeless Toms gang” and for “Toeless Toms head”. Toeless Tom and his gang happen to be hold up in the Contaminated Bunker that is located right between Westerfall and Sommerby. We take them both and head out.

At the gate of Westerfall we are stopped by a guard. He bids us to wait for a moment. Several moments pass, but we humor the guard. Finally another guard shows up, dragging a burlap sack. “Bring your trash when you leave!” The other guard says sternly and turns back towards Westerfall. Curiously, we untie the rope keeping the sack together. As soon as the knot is loosened, the thing inside the sack bursts out. Standing in front of us is a small person. The very person that has been trying to get our attention all this time. He stands at attention and speaks: “Ho there friends!”

-Who're you? Ola asks.

-I'm Gunde, and I'm your new traveling partner. The person, Gunde, says, still standing at attention.

-Whatever. Shrugs Ola.

We move out to the contaminated bunker. Gunde diligently follows our group with an unusually happy demeanor. Unusually happy for the Krater, that is. He skips around, he tells jokes and most of all, he dodges each and every blow aimed at him from Börje.

We raid the bunker with the usual determined haste. We smash our way through vargs, bandits, underbrush and the odd container. Gunde surprisingly manages to keep up, he even contributes to the battles in his own way. The tiny man comes loaded with some nifty gadgets, some nifty gadgets he seems very proud of. A Tesla-coil strapped to his backpack stuns anyone who comes close, and mounted on his shoulder is a harpoon-gun. The harpoons fired from it are loaded with some strange mix of chemicals that wreak havoc on anyone unlucky enough to be stuck.

The batteries are easy, the gang had them divided among themselves, unknowing of their boomboxing power. The solution is simple, just pilfer each and every pocket of every bandit we smash to bits.

Toeless Tom

Toeless Tom is another matter altogether. He's hiding at the bottom of the bunker, behind all of his gang, some force-fields and somewhere in the ballpark of 100 vargs. Being a bit to eager to please, Gunde manages to almost get himself killed on multiple occasions. He runs in front of Börjes mighty arms, puts himself between them and the danger. Luckily, Gunde is resourceful and nimble enough to get himself OUT of the danger quite effectively. He does however get to pay partially for his eagerness and receives his fair share of licks. In time, he'll learn.

We get to the bottom of the bunker and face Toeless Tom. He's big, armored and smells like sweaty, dead, fish. Unfortunately for him, he's all talk and Börje easily smashes his head in, just like everyone else in his gang. Only fitting that he meets the same end as his boys. With the batteries and a jar of Toeless Toms liquefied head, we exit the bunker and continue our journey to Sommerby.