Solside stories - Chapter 11

Let's take a moment out of our daily life (of murdering Björns, drinking öl and fetching everything) to get to know the new members of our crew.

Börje Salming

If you're really sneaky, you might be able to get in close enough to Börje to hear him whisper in his sleep. It will most likely just sound like noises, but if you strain your ears, you'll hear words. Words like "pucks", "skates" and "hooo-keee".

It is said that Börje was very much alive when the world died. Details are sketchy, but there are definite records of a famous athlete by the name of Börje Salming. If our Börje, and the Börje of the old records are the same, that means that our gentle giant is over 100 years old.

There isn't much to go on, though. Since Börje doesn't seem to remember much. But there is a tag on the back of the giants head. It is mostly worn down, but what's left reads: "Pro...ty of Tor...o Maple L...."

Börje and flowers go together like coffee and cream, beer and sausage, bandit and death. The giant seems to derive an immense pleasure to be around them, to hold them and to eat them. While his diet consist mostly of björn and bandit, nothing motivates Börje more than a delicious bouquet of flowers.

Börje Salming


Gunde Svan

Legends tell of a small man skating down the Krater on a pair of dead Vargs. Legends tell of a small man who once tamed a hundred björns, made them dress up in nice suits and dance. Legends also tell of a small man who once stole all of the soap left in the Krater. 

Gunde believes with religious fervor in a group of people called "The judges". According to Gunde, these mysterious creatures will one day descend to the Krater and hand out "medals". These "medals" will be made out of the finest of metals and will bestow the utmost of power on the person who wears them. The need for these medals is what drives Gunde. If it's for the power, or for the shiny nature of the medals, no one knows. And Gunde isn't telling. 

He keeps track of everything, always looking to improve. He is known for timing himself while doing mostly anything. Boastfully he will brag about his efficiency at sleeping, eating and even cleaning himself. Strangely enough, Gunde carries a bag full of soap with him. Soap that hasn't been seen in the Krater for several years. While Gunde is a man of many talents, skiing and shooting are the two things closest to his heart. The way he wields a gun and a pair of skis can be considered artful.

Legends also tell of a small man who once predicted the end of the world, and that end would come soon.

Gunde Svan