Adam Smith plays Torchlight 2

Since I've been going on about currency in games this week, I figured I was going to conduct a little experiment/challenge. The challenge is simple: 100% profit! That means that no gold shall leave our pockets. Vendors shall only be used to pawn of looted gear. No gear, no potions and no scrolls shall be bought. Everything will be acquired on site and must be free, the life of whatever monster in our way excluded. As an extra kicker, we're playing in hard-core mode. So, wherever we die, the adventure ends. This adds some extra tension to the game, and also let's us get a pretty good view of how much cash one could realistically acquire in this game on one life. So let's get practical!

Meet Adam Smith (and his pet alpaca Cash-money)!

As you can see, the first session has been a success. 17112 cool gold pieces was pocketed and some nice gear was looted. This session ended by completing the first major objective in the game (killing General Grell and meeting the water guardian).  So, let's look at some stats:

The current play time is 1 hour 5 minutes. So, that means we have a 17112 gold per hour salary.

We've killed 1187 monsters in this session. So, if every monster gave out the same amount of cash, the average monsters life would be worth 14,42 gold.

We've had to use 1 potion in this session. This was not a near-death experience, it was merely a miss-click on my part. I will however note down any near-death experiences had.

This far, we've taken 4891 steps. That means that each step would be worth 3,5 gold. 

In the greatest of ironies, the first (and currently only) scroll we have found is Barter 1. A scroll that reduces sale prices in stores, the only upside is the tiny increase in sold goods value. But in all honesty, this is probably the best names scroll for our character, but at the same time least useful.

So, this about makes it as the start of a lucrative adventure. As this story progresses, I will post some stats and stories as they come. And let's truly see how low the value of life and goods are in Torchlight. For those of you interested, I will be posting the game data-screen at the end of each post.