Adam Smith plays Torchlight 2 - Day 2

Today was another fruitful day in the life of Adam Smith, capitalist, engineer, gentleman. While today's adventure was shorter, the higher level monsters did yield higher level profit. But before we get into the meat and numbers of today, let's talk a bit about Adam Smith as a character.

The hero, the pet and the bot.

I chose the Engineer class for this character because they provide some nice life-enhancing abilities. Like being able to summon a heal-bot and getting a passive bonus to armor. When choosing attack or defense, I went straight for defense. The idea here is that while I'm able to hold my own against enemies using the Engineers starting skill Flame Hammer, the healing and armors benefits will row me home, so to speak. All of this is really to stave off disaster, since we are playing in hardcore mode, which for those not versed basically means "one life". You die, your character goes bye-bye.

5 seconds before this screen-shot was "near death experience #1"

So, the skills we're working with up to now are: Flame Hammer (offensive attack), Healing bot (summon a heal-buddy) and Bulwark (passive increase in armor). We ended today's game at level 16, which gave us one unspent skill-point kicking around. I put that one into "heavy lifting", which is a passive that increases attack speed and stun while using two-handed weapons. I figure a big two handed affair will end fights quickly and efficiently. The other benefit to these big weapons is that in Torchlight 2, they also deal splash-damage around the struck monsters. So, in reality, they're pretty handy when it comes to thinning down a herd of creepy-crawlies. 

With that done, how did we do today? Well, we ended day 1 with 17 grand in our pockets. After today, that number is now 29609. That means that we made 12497 gold on today's adventures. While we earned less, we only spent 45 minutes gaming, to day 1's full hours. So I guess we're still pretty good for "per-hour"-salary.

Mmmm... treasure!

Today, we ended the life of 705 monsters. So, today's value of a single monsters life is 17,72 gold. If we compare that to day one's GPM (Gold per monster) which was 14,42, we see that there has been an increase in value for the monsters. Finally, we look at the total value of a monsters so far, calculating the total kills (1892) with the total amount of gold in our pockets (29609). That comes out to a GPM of 15,64, so we can see that the value here has risen as well. I wonder when we'll reach the point of diminishing returns with these monsters. 

Now to the step-counter. GPS (gold per step) yesterday was at 3,5. Today we took 3193 steps, about 1600 steps less than yesterday. That takes our GPS up to 3,9. The total GPS (counting both day 1 and 2) is 3,67.

As we can see, today has been a positive step in the adventures of Adam Smith, capitalist, step-taker, gentleman. There are some questions that are starting to come up, thought. How far can we take this? Will this seemingly positive trend just keep going? Or will we start hitting diminishing returns? Do we have enough health potions? That is an actual concern. While we haven't been too challenged yet, there will come a time when well starts drying up. What will we do then? I guess we'll just have to press on to find out. 

Til next time!