Solside stories - Chapter 15

There's a very prevalent legend going around the roads and villages of the Krater. A wander tale, if you will. The legend is all about this one creature. This huge, imposing and impossibly dangerous monster. The strange things is that whenever someone claims to have seen one of these monsters, it has always been in the dead of night. They will assure you of the authenticity of their story. But the only thing they've seen is a shadow against the moon. A huge shadow, with long slender legs and a head full of horns. Our crew can now give credence about these stories.

The killer moose is a grotesque mutation of the once proud and majestic fore-bearers. Their huge horns have grown from being a symbol of status to a deadly weapon. But anyone who believes that the front of the moose is the most dangerous part is fooling themselves into an early grave. It is the legs that you have to keep watch for. Their long and spindly legs will kick at a furious rate, and the solid hooves can easily pierce any given adventurers skull.

Battle of wits and legends.

To the common person, the killer moose is the bane of life. But luckily, Börje is not a common person. On our way to Frisktorp, we ran into one of these beasts. Our own ferocious giant is able to maintain poise while facing off against one of these nightmares. The only real issue we ran into while meeting this beast was Gunde. The small man took one look at the monster and decided that he was going to ride it. He was going to ride, tame it and show it off to the judges, whenever they show up. It did not go as he planned.

Battered and bruised, our party decided to take shelter in the nearby town of Grabbtuna. The settlement is surprisingly large, but at the same time scarcely populated. It seems that the entire settlement is divided into two camps, the Vargs and and the Owls. We pay them little attention, we're just here to visit a doctor for Gundes head, sell some stuff and gear up for the last leg of the journey to Frisktorp.

After we have done all that we need, we're spent. We came here with 9000 SEK, and we're about to leave with 450. So we visit the bounty board for some jobs. The board has two bounties. One is from the captain of the Owls, and one is from the captain of the Vargs. Captain of what? It doesn't say. Both bounties calls for mercenaries willing to go to Howl's Mine and Junon Bunker. Apparently, the captains want to get some resources to upgrade their gear. We take both and head out.

Junon Bunker is a bunker in all meaning. So, instead, let's show off Börjes new weapon.

Junon Bunker is a bunker in all meaning. So, instead, let's show off Börjes new weapon.

First is Junon Bunker. Here the Owls want 12 Wastelander gloves and the Vargs want 10 Wastelander shoulder-pads. We quickly and effectively relinquish the local population of their clothes. While the Wastelanders are tougher and more dangerous than our average bandit, but since we've been good about upgrading Börje with strength implants, they go down like any other meatbag.

Howl's mine is a different story. The mine's filled with all matter of wild animal. Here, it's 5 björn intestines for the Owls and 20 rabid mongrel hides for the Vargs. Whatever are they going to do with all this fabric? No matter, they're paying. Our group, who call themselves mercenaries, are functionally just a group of well equipped pest-control personnel. So the mine is cleared in record time. The one upsetting thing about clearing the mine, is the fact that it seems like Börje has learned a new skill. The giant can apparently rip the intestines our of a björn using only one hand, and he seems to deride serious pleasure from doing so. Both Gunde and Ola decide to let him enjoy it and hope that he doesn't want to try out his new skill on smaller and squishier allies.

On our way back to Grabbtuna we run into a gang of Wastelanders. These guys are packing some serious heat. The group is lead by a huge Wastelander carrying an even huger gun. The guy, who calls himself a “Wastelander Fetkannon” zeroes in on Ola and lets the gun rip. Börje is too slow and Ola goes down in one volley. Unfortunently for the fat gunman, one volley is everything he got. Börje came down on him like a brick-house, dropped from a truck, dropped from a plane.



Back at Grabbtuna, we take a second trip to the doctor to stitch Ola back together. The doctor is able to bring Ola back to fighting form. Unfortunately, we lost some fingers on the way. So the doctor had to place some toes where the fingers are supposed to go, and he used some discarded cutlery to replace the toes that got upgraded to fingers.

We drop off the loot at both the captains. That is when we see it. Grabbtuna is built around a small valley, and in the valley is an ice rink. The captains are both captains of hockey teams. They needed the resources for pads. Both the captains thank us, pay us and offers us tickets to the big game. While hockey isn't something that either Gunde or Ola are interested in, they cannot say no the look on Börjes face. “HOO-KEE” the giant exclaims with a great smile and starts walking towards the rink. I guess we'll just have to spend the night here, then.

Börje seemed to recognize this one for some reason.