Solside stories - Chapter 13

We arrive in Sommerby to find that yes, it is in fact burning. It is not ”a great big hund barbecue” like Börje has been going on about for the ENTIRE trip back. His disappointment is so vast it can be tasted. The little village is completely engulfed in flames. Not one house is standing. We look around for survivors. In one of the buildings we find a person huddled in a corner, we drag said person out and slap some life into him. We give him some time to let the shock of the fire, and the shock of Börjes fist to his face, to subside. When he's collected himself he introduces himself as Arvid. He's just a passer-by that saw the flames. According to him, no one else is alive and the culprit is none other than the dreaded Bloodclot and his crew. Knowing his handiwork, we understand Arvids shock. We decide to go back to Westerfall and report back to Fredrik Wester.

Fredrik seems oddly calm as we give him the grim news. With a sigh he explains that this isn't the first village in his Län to fall under Bloodclots knife. He says that another village by the name of Strösselboda got burned some time ago as well. We, as gently as we are able, ask if the mans balls and/or spine is missing, since he is letting a known bandit run amok in his Län. Again, an odd calm strikes the man. He is neither offended nor angry at our remark. He simply states that he lacks the man-power to go after Bloodclot. His gang is too big, and my men too scared, he says. With that, he thanks us for our business and bid us farewell. While walking away he tells us that we are now free to go about our original business in Westerfall. Said business, for those who have forgotten, is talking to Astrid and maybe getting to the bottom about that mysterious letter we found. BUT! Before we go anywhere, we have to have a drink.

Several hours and kegs later, our crew is found sitting quietly at the bar. We're a long way from home and all the fetching does build up a mad thirst. Among the drink and the shouting, we been introduced to a VERY trustworthy fellow by the name of “Alan the Axe”. This fine and upstanding gentleman (who has such a endearing name) has a small task for us. Well, he says that he and his partner have a task for us. To find out what it is, we just have to get our butts over to a very dark and spooky alley behind the bar. Believing this paragon of mankind (and not being very clever), we humbly oblige and make our way down. At the end to the alley, a large figure clad in armor from top to toe waits for us. Gunde, the ever optimistic (and gullible), steps forward, raises his hand and says “Hi! You must be Alans partn-” BAM! One hit from the large mans hammer and Gunde is down. It's a set up! We've been too drunk to see it coming, and now it's barreling down on us with a giant hammer. Börje snaps out of his inebriation for long enough to send the man to his back, head missing. We car Gunde over the local doctor who fixes him up, and then go back to the bar.

“You should talk to my partner” Alan says as we meet him. “We did!” Gunde says and grabs the man firmly around his balls. Five minutes or work with a broken bottle, our crew leaves Westerfall with a new mission. Alan has a stash in a tunnel just by Westerfall, he had to leave it there when it was invaded by “something really horrible”, and he has promised us a piece of the loot if we get him his stash. Our crew are not known for their cleverness.

The tunnel isn't filled with “something really horrible”, it is filled with stinky hunds. These things are push-overs and it takes us no time at all to clear the tunnel of life. We retrieve Alans stash, a large amount of hund meat and some nice furs and head back.

We find Alan busy talking to some new patrons of the bar, probably trying to set them up as well. Seeing us, he nervously scratches the side of his face that now seems to be missing. After Gundes handiwork with the bottle, the left side of Alans face looks like a red, bloody salad. We hand him the bag with his stash in it, and he hands us our cut. A souped-up enchantment core. ONE souped-up enchantment core. Disappointment strikes Börjes face again. We put it where we keep ALL THE OTHER souped-up enchantment cores. Our crew is not known for cleverness, or their ability to haggle. We leave the bar and start making our way to where Astrid lives. She might have some better work for us. At least we'll get some answers, and maybe a drink of two?