Adam Smith plays Torchlight 2 - Day 4

If Torchlight 2 gold was the same as SEK (my local currency), Adam Smith can now retire and put a down payment on a loan for a small apartment.  A small land-mark has been reached. Today, on day 4 of this adventure, the 50k mark was reached. Not bad for four days of work. Well, technically it's 3 hours and 15 minutes of work, if we count game-time as real time. 

Start, day 4

Today is also a day when other Torchlight characters mourn. We met an enchanter on our travels, and it is at their shop where I usually spend most of my money. Torchlight is not a game with complexity in its currency. You collect money simply to buy and modify gear. But not THIS Torchlight character. Adam knows the true value of gold, and plans to hoard it all and pour it into a giant swimming pool, scrooge McDuck-style.

Leaving an enchanter without spending all my cash makes me weep on the inside.

Before I start today's count, let's talk a little bit about how I conduct this experiment, day to day-wise. My current working standard is to A) Do one part of the main story quest(maybe two if the quests are tiny) and B) Do most of the side-quests that are available. I do not go out of my way to uncover each map, but I do enough so that it sate my own compulsions. If there is a random ether rift or encounter, I usually do those, for good measure and good treasure. So today, I continued the main quest by killing the Manticore (and its mate) and doing the two side-quests that I had open at the start of the day. On my way, I accidentally stumbled into an ether rift, and only after the loading screen realized that I had already done it. I ran it a second time, for compulsion and good measure.

Other small notes:

I took a new skill, since the rest are locked til level 25. The skill I landed on was "Gun bot", a neat little thing that follows Adam around and deals damage for a minute. It's useful in big fights or versus bosses, but the three minute cool-down is serious business.

I also managed to find a golden chest, but I failed to find the key. Personally, I hate these things. They give you good rewards, but you have to sweep the area with a fine comb to find the key. While this is not really a "bad feature", it screws with my own "unlock every chest, collect every item!"-compulsion.

So, on to the count!

I never did find that key, and it will haunt me for some time.

The day ended with 61607 gold in the bank, subtracting the previous days gold tells us that we earned 18853. Not bad, not bad at all. We also claimed the lives of 849 monsters, each with a value of 22,2. Which bring the total GPM to 18,46. Looking at these figures, we can see that todays monsters were slightly less valuable than day three's monsters, but the total value per monster has gone up by one full gold. This was quite unexpected. I thought that the curve of daily GPM (dGPM) would be higher than last time, since the Manticore lair is full of gold tot he brim. On the other hand, act 2 of Torchlight 2 is full of smaller monsters that attack by swarming the player. So, more smaller monster = less value per monster life.

Onward to the pedometer! Adam Smith took 3821 steps today, which isn't much. Personally, I usually count 2 steps as one meter. So, in real world standards, Adam walked just shy of two kilometers. But this is not a quest for marathon-length treks or personal fitness, this is all about the money. The daily GPS (dGPS) was 4,93 and the total GPS (tGPS) is 4,3. This again is perplexing. Our daily GPS was lower than Day threes, and our total GPS goes up.  So we get less value per day, but the total is still increasing, ever so slightly. Are we seeing the end of the positive curve?

To round things off, we looted 56 "lootables", killed about 12 mini-bosses, gained 4 levels and stepped in a whole lot of sand. We'll see what happens next time, will we see the end of the golden rainbow? Will killing monster finally become un-profitable?

End, day 4.