Solside stories - chapter 17

A few kilometers, some hockey-players and a shady figure later, we find ourselves in Grabbtuna. We figured our best plan was to simply crash the gate and kill enough of the guards for the rest to lay down their weapons. Our plan worked beautifully. Our group was called into the office (an old outhouse behind the sickbay) of Peter Forceberg, captain of the Owles. He's not pleased to see us, but he is happy that as his boys stopped fighting, so did Börje. He figures that a trade is in order. His physician will take a look at Emma, and we take a look at his deity.

We are lead back to the rink. There has been nothing done to the blood or the corpses on the ice, but in the corner, by a big white machine, there has been a shrine elected. Flowers and tributes have been draped all over the machine. You could easily mistake this for a shrine, but it is in fact a grave. The side of the machine has a big hole, and in the hole are destroyed parts and circuitry visible.

“This, is the ice-maker.” Peter Forceberg says with no small amount of reverence. “Your... man over there threw our goalie straight into it. Both the goalie and the ice-maker died on impact.” He continues somberly. “We can replace the goalie, Krater is full of willing and unwilling souls to take part in our games, but we cannot fix.... HER” he says and lowers his head. Gunde peaks his head into the hole, makes some notes and turns to Peter Forceberg.

“She just needs some spare components. I can fix... HER, easy!” he says cheerily. “But where do we find components?”

Peter Forcebergs face lights up in jubilation. “There are scavengers living in Saly Katt caves, maybe they will be willing to trade! Or... you can just take what you need!”

“So, we F.E.T.C.H these things, have Gunde here put... HER back together and you guys will take care of Emma while we're away?” Ola says.

Peter agrees and our group leaves for Salty Katt Caves. One fetch quest richer, but also happy in the knowledge that Emma might pull through.

Somewhere, down the line, Gunde got tagged and needed to see a doctor.

At the now ruined gates of Grabbtuna, a surprisingly well dressed fellow intercepts our party. He introduces himself as “Walter” and he has come with a warning. Apparently, a group known as Riget has taken note of our actions and may be planning to end us. Before we have Börje pummel him to the ground, he explains that he is neither with, nor a friend, to Riget. So we spare the gentleman and leave, without thanking him for the info. We've had enough of shady business and we're clearly in over our heads. So let's just keep it simple and go stomp some bandits and fetch their crap.

Since we're out and about, we decide to take care of some contracts we picked up when leaving Frisktorp. First off is Truffles. A lady by the name of Andy is trying to woo some dude and wants to cook him something special. So, off to Howl's mine again. The place hasn't changed. The gnags, boars and björns have repopulated the place, so we clean it out again. A small pang of melancholy strikes our group when they realize that practically all of their “dungeon clearing”-expertise is for naught, since the places seem to repopulate the minute they leave. But no matter, some cash is made and some truffles are found.

How does a man carrying a big club "shoot first"?

After that, off to the “wretched hive”. A man by the name of Greedo hides there and his head needs removing. We've been warned that the man has a habit of “shooting first”. This offers some confusion, since when we meet him, we realize that he isn't even carrying a gun. But again, no matter. Some cash is made and a head is claimed. Lastly, we're supposed to visit the “Bohemian retreat” to trade for some tools. We've been told to be gentle, since the bohemians that live there are peace-loving and friendly. What REALLY lives there is a pack of salivating blood-thirsty bandits. They do, in fact, shoot first. Unfortunately they did not shoot last.

To finish off our small walk-about, we head to Salty Katt Cave. The place is a dungeon, like any other. The two note-worthy things here are the nice interior design and the slightly more bad-ass bandits. Too bad they're only slightly more bad-ass, were they moderately more bad-ass, they might have stood a chance. We clear the place out and led Gunde search the ruin of their home. After some time he comes back, carrying a battery, a radiator and a compressor. Everything he needs, he says.

At Grabbtuna we are greeted by a very pleased Peter Forceberg and slightly more healthy Emma Bendixen. That fancy fellow Walter must have taken off, since he is nowhere to be seen. Gunde and Börje set straight to work, Gunde fixing the machine and Börje “helping” by eating all the flowers and tributes off...HER. Ola checks up on Emma. She's feeling better, but not great. She says she still has some fever and could use a better sickbay and a doctor who's specialty isn't “stitching player back together”. During her stay, she's been in contact with Astrid. She's been told to go to St. Rehlins and await further instructions and she wants the group to escort her there. Ola agrees on the condition that we she tells him why.

Apparently Emma Bendixen was once part of Riget, a powerful and (to our group, at least) mysterious organization. She's now defected and is searching for protection. She is carrying a package that is to serve as a bargaining chip, and the less we know about it, the better we are off. More than that, she cannot say. What she can do, however, is pay us, handsomely. If we take her to St. Rehlins, we're going to be 6000 kr richer. “That'll do nicely.” Ola says, and the two decide to sit by the ruined gate and wait patiently for their two partners to finish up, so they can all leave.

What follows below is a small collection of the small nick-knacks and stuff you can find in the Krater.