Adam Smith plays Torchlight 2 - Day 5

To be completely honest,  I never expected that his experiment would go this far. When I entered the game in hardcore-mode I was fully aware of the fact that I would probably screw up somewhere on the second or third day and that would be that. But that didn't happen, and here we are. To celebrate this occasion, I've created some graphs that will be posted at the bottom of this article. They're not very pretty, but they convey the information well enough. I plan on creating new graphs for every fifth day that passes. So, now that I have thoroughly jinxed this experiment, let's go over the day.

Day 5, start

Today I had the pleasure of wandering into the Forsaken Vaults and killing the Artificer. This is an area that is packed floor to ceiling with small annoying enemies that swarm, hurt and generally screw with any and all gold-per-monster-calculations. Well, screw with is probably stretching it, but it is kinda sad to see the numbers suffer because the enemies favor swarms rather than fewer stronger dudes. But such is life in Torchlight 2, we just have to deal with it. 

The fight against the Artificer wasn't anything special. He went down like his little minions. A small note, though,  is the time it took. Last time I went here, I was playing as an Outlander. A class specializing in ranged dps. This time, I'm a melee tank, and the Artificer has a tendency of teleporting. So it was more a matter of chasing the dude down, rather than taking the dude out. Luckily the build works, and works well. Just a shame about the speed of things. 

All of that was lying underneath a skull in the desert. I am clearly in the wrong business here.

I also took some time to explore the area after the boss, the Salt Barrens. This was a risky move, since the area has a recommended level of 30+. Now, these recommendations are just that, recommendations. But having a hard-core character on level 26 going in there does still cause no small amount of worry. But again, the build works, and works well. I ended the session with doing one side-quest in the Salt Barrens and passing up on an ether rift. I intend on visiting the rift, but today, it felt a little too risky.

Another small note: I do not know if I've mentioned this before, but I am playing this without mods. I want the experiment to be as "pure" as possible, so all mods (even simple UI stuff) are turned off for the duration.

These bastards keep running away while I'm trying to smash them and pilfer their pockets.

So, let's make the count.

Today, 19822 gold was earned. That brings the total gold up to 81429. We're slowly working our way towards 100k. Maybe then, we can retire to a small bungalow in some sunny paradise. I don't know.

1178 monster bit the dust today, so the daily GPM landed on 16,8. The total GPM now lies at 18,0. This is an appreciable decrease since day 4. While I like to blame the swarming monsters, I cannot shake the feeling that we might be leveling out here. Maybe this is where the adventuring life stops being super profitable? 

3657 steps were taken today, which bring the total steps up to 17956. That makes the daily GPS 5,42 and the total GPS 4,53. While the GPM is slowly leveling out, the GPS is rising steadily. 

We also looter 71 "lootables", which bring the total lootables looted to 293. The reason why I'm not exposing further on the subject of "lootables" is because I'm not sure what a "lootable" is. Is it just chests? Or is it chests and random items in the world? Is a skull you flip over a lootable? If so, is a pot you smash also a lootable? I don't know. 

So, I promised graphs. They will be below the end of session screenshot.

Day 5, end

The reason Day 1 GPS is set to zero is because I failed to grab data that day. Mea culpa.