Adam Smith plays Torchlight 2 - Day 3

Today we passed act 1, the Grand Regent got ground into a reagent. Ha ha... (I know, kill me). Honestly, I worried a bit about this fight, with hardcore mode and all. I've been running a bit a head of the recommended level curve. While this really isn't a big deal in Torchlight 2, since the game is very generous and nice about it's curve, but it does cause SOME worry.

Fortunately the build worked out. I've been putting most of my points into Strength and Vitality. So Adam Smith, for his level at least, is a walking fortress. The medical bot helps out as well. While it's regenerating ability doesn't negate damage, it does help to top Adam off between fights. There is this saying in my language that roughly translates to "Have some ice in your belly", it basically means to "stay frosty", and it is quite apt for this kind of play-through. 

All of those free potions.

See, the big worry for me right now is running out of resources. Coming to a point where health potions and portal scrolls are gone. Now, looking at the screenshot above, that moment won't come for a long time. Again,  Torchlight is generous.  But it is still a worry that I'm taking seriously. But looking at more immediate worries, I am sorely lacking in resistances, so the big "real" problem is huge elemental damage. But enough of all of that. And act boss was killed and progress was made. So let's make the count.

First off, gold. The day started with 29609 gold in the bank, and ended with 42754. That means that we made 13145 gold. It is slightly more than day two, but still lagging behind day one. 

New act.

We killed 576 monsters today, so the daily GPM is 22,82, which is a definite increase. But this number might be a bit miss-leading, since an act boss and a slightly larger than normal amount of mini-bosses/special monsters were killed. These bigger monsters tend to drop bigger loot. But an increase is an increase. Counting out all gold and all monsters, out total GPM lands on 17,32. 

To finish off the count. 2448 steps was taken on this day, and 10496 steps in total. Which makes the daily GPS 5,37 and the total GPS 4,1. 

To close out this day, let's talk a little about loot and skills. It's still pretty early in the game, so I haven't taken any new skills since day two. So Flame Hammer is still the main damage dealer. I've put some more points into Heavy Lifting, to bolster the functionality and attack speed of two-handed weapons. At the end of the day, we reached level 19, which is kind of a land-mark. Since most of the skills I use have been capped out until now. Gear wise, there have been small improvements. Mostly to defense and magic find. We'll see how well this is going to work out going into act 2.


Since I am awfully forgetful, I forgot to add this little complaint to the article. so, here goes.

The image above is a pretty common scene in Torchlight 2. The game loves to have chests and monsters that absolutely explode in loot and cash. While I appreciate the effort, this totally feel like someone giving you 50 SEK(crowns) by dropping 50 1 SEK coins on the floor. I mean, thanks for the cash and everything, 50 SEK can buy you a fair few things, but picking all of this crap up feels almost like more work than it is worth. Thankfully Torchlight 2 auto-picks up gold, but it would be more convenient if all the gold neatly fell into one pile.