Solside Stories – A KRATER Let's play

Disclosure: A friend of mine was a developer on the later parts of the game. I received a free beta-key from my friend, and I possibly received the full game on release. Honestly, I can't remember. While this is not a customer-advocacy site, I still believe that disclosing facts like these can be important.


Krater – Shadows over Solside is an action-RPG developed by Swedish indie-studio Fatshark. It was released in 2012 and was met with middeling to poor reviews, mostly because of the buggy state the game was released at. I personally was quite the fan of it when it came out though, but if you read the disclosure, you'd know that I was(and still am) very biased.

The Krater

The story, in short, is that the apocalypse happened. The world ended, and the game takes place is the ruins of Sweden. When the dust settled, the survivors discovered the titular crater(Krater). The Krater offered shelter, fertile ground and treasure from the old world. A society was built in and around the Krater, making it he figurative center of the known world, Sweden. The game opens with your group of starting heroes coming to the Krater after a long and hard journey.

The game is played kind of like a mix between Diablo and any give MOBA. You control three characters who have two skills each and you must defeat your enemies using these skills and maintaining aggro. You kill enemies, gain XP and pick up their scraps. The XP lets you level up, and the scrap can be used to craft a wide variety of items. The level-up system works a bit differently than most games, they give you a small stat-increase and unlock and “Implant slot”. You can implant further stat-boosts into your character using the slots, but you cannot remove what you once have implanted.

The game has a perma-death system in place, and you can replace lost units by recruiting new ones at certain shops. Each unit you can recruit has its own class, and surprisingly its own level cap. At the start of the game, your heroes can only reach level 5, but as the game progresses, you find stronger units that can grow even stronger.

One of the more positive notes that was given to the game at release was its looks. The game has a pretty unique art-style. It's hard to describe, but think kind of like a punk/cell-shaded look.

What I will try to attempt here is to have a small written “lets play”. I aim to finish the game, and I aim to have a running series where I post updates on the game. So with this intro out of the way, lets get started, shall we?


Stories from Solside part 0 – Hangovers and wolves

The dude

Our story begins with a party we do not remember. We take control of our first character, a bruiser by the name of Rutger as he wakes up from last nights bender. A character by the name of “dude” is telling us about how much we wrecked the place last night. Our first mission is to find is to our team mates, a Medikus by the name of Yitzhak the loose and a Regulator called Bobo Lemmel. Along the way we are warned about the “Länsmen”, the law of Solside and the Krater. Apparetnly all of our partying have upset a lot of the locals and they aren't happy about us running around. When we have collected our party and killed some escaped wolves, we have finished our tutorial and start to make our way to the first hub of the game, Norrmalm. As we pass over a small patch of forest, we stop by a small red cottage and take in the sight of the old world for a minute. The house is still in somewhat good condition, and really hits home at where we really are. At the end of the wild world, at the doorstep to what now is civilization, and at figurative grave marker for the old way of life. The moment quickly passes and we continue down the slope to Norrmalm.

So, join me next time, when we start exploring the game proper, run into some shady dudes and murder some more wildlife!