Solside Stories - Chapter 3


Just like home

When we last left off. Our heroes had just entered Elmerhult. We were looking for one of Alma's teams, The Descendants. She told us that she had lost their tracks at Elmerhult, and we were sent there to look. She suggested that the owner of the bar might have some knowledge of them, and our team of heroes raised no objections to going to a bar. After several drinks and some fights, we ask “Bella the bartender” for clues. She knew who we were talking about, the Descendants had been there, but she didn't know where they might have gone. She directed us to the giant factory at the edge of town, the IDEA factory. Before we go to the factory, we decide to change up our party. Our Medikus is pretty much maxed out and we need to get Hooks out before he hurts someone we don't want to hurt. At the recruitment office, they have two new heroes for us to grab. Two legendary singers from the old world have been stationed in Elmerhult and they are eager to join. They are Ola Salo the Medikus and Carola Häggqvist the Regulator.

The guard at the gate will neither let us in the factory or give us any information. He simply rejects us with a nod and a sales pitch about furniture. We decide to sneak around the perimeter for a while until a child seeks us out and gives us a note. The notes from a “friend” who promises us information about the Descendants, they want to meet behind the bar. There wasn't a big move for our heroes, since while reading the note, the crew had already gone to the bar, sat down and drunk a couple of beers. After the drinks, our heroes met the “friend”. She goes by the name of “Gunvor” and she says that she can “point us in the right direction” in exchange for some work. Our heroes, being already drunk, happily accept whatever Gunvor has for us. What she did have, was cleaning duty. Apparently she wants the Toxic waste barrels removed from the woods around Elmerhult. While it doesn't sound like a good job, it has to be done, and before we have time to think about the offer, Gunvor drags us out to the woods and set us to work.


Elmerwoods & Dreaming Hills


The woods are glowing, not in a pretty way, more in a radiated, sickly way. And so does the beasts. The animals of the woods seem to have been attracted to the toxic waste, and their proximity to the barrels have changed them. While they might look like Björns and Vargs, they are fiercer than their regular cousins, and they vomit, a lot.

We manage to pull through with the help of our new heroes and the sheer stubbornness of Glenn Hysén. We pick up as many toxic barrels as we can carry, and make sure to grab some “cool slime”. A person in Elmerhult has requested to have some at the bounty board, and where there is bounty, there our heroes will be.

As soon as we tell Gunvor about the completion of our mission, she gives us another one. This one seems to be animal control. She wants us to go to Dreaming Hills and clear out some of the dangerous beasts that live there.

Dreaming Hills feels like a pretty fitting name, the hills are beautiful and the animals to stomp are plenty. We take our time to enjoy the hike, the sunshine and the violence. While there are some pretty big animals in Dreaming hills, the biggest and angriest of them all must be Bamse. A giant björn residing in his den at the edge of the hills. Glenn, seeing this beautiful beast, instantly falls in love. Falls in love with the idea of besting the great animal in hand to hand combat. He throws himself into the fight and almost gets himself killed on multiple occasions. The bears giant paws are deadly and the fierce roar could stop anyones heart. Luckily, Glenn is backed up a Medikus that keep him on his feet and a Regulator who keeps Bamse off his paws. After a long battle, the beast finally falls, and Glenn stands victorious over the corpse. Shame that no one was interested in capturing the moment, so Glenn is left only with the memory.

In the great bears den we find a corpse. It's badly mangled and impossible to identify, but there is a locket on it in surprisingly good condition. There is an inscription on the locket that reads: “To mothers little Ollie”. We stow the locket in our inventory, there might someone in Elmerhult that knows of this locket and its owner. With Dreaming Hills depopulated we return to Gunvor.

She finally lets us in on what we have been doing. She wanted to clean up the area around Elmerhult because a certain Professor Otto Kvant is on his way there. The good professor is known throughout the Krater for his “Hazard index guide”, a guide to the safest and a least safe areas in the Krater. Gunvor wants to get a good score for Elmerhult, she hopes that this will drive trade and might get the mysterious “Board of directors” in the IDEA factory to finally open their doors to the public.


While we have been out cleaning, Gunvor has herself kept busy. She tells us that she has gotten in contact with someone inside the IDEA factory, someone who might have a lead about The Descendants, and someone who has a problem we might be able to deal with. She has set up a meeting and the guard at the gate have been notified about our need of passage. We, being smart adventurers, ask her who this person might be. She obliges us. The contact inside the IDEA factory is no one other than “Runar”, an assistant and spiritual healer to the board. She tells us that he used to run with a crazy and violent cult before he became the happy-go-lucky hippie that he is now. Apparently, the cult is trying to blackmail him, threatening of revealing his tarnished passed to the board. Something that will undoubtedly shatter Runars credibility with the board.

Runar seems like an odd fellow. He refuses to stop talking about crystals and healing spirits. The one thing of value that he manages to pass on to our crew is that he wants his old cultist friends “gone, permanently.” “Say no more, except for their location.” is our reply.


Duskwater Fort

The fort has seen better days. It's old, grey and decrepit. An average dungeon, in other words. The cultist inside have been busy though, stockpiling guns and training vargs for correction. Unfortunately they did not account for Glenn and his new wrench. While the cultists seem endless, we make our slow march through corpse-ridden hallways downward. The lower we go, the stiffer the resistance. Cultists with guns, cultist with knives and vargs crowd every corner, and one by one, they learn to fear the wrench and the cold dead eyes of Glenn. On the third level down, we come across what looks like a chapel. A congregation of cultists have gathered here, this must be their Alamo, their last stand. Running through a hail of bullets and knives, Glenn throws himself into battle and once again risks his life for his bloodlust. This time though, he is packing a health-pack which prove to be the strand of hair keeping our bruiser from meeting his maker. After the long and bloody battle, we notice something in the corner of the chapel. A still functioning control-panel. Being unable to hold onto his better judgement, Ola starts fiddling with it. After flipping some switches, alarms starts blaring and an evacuation sign light up. Apparently, Ola had managed to open up the flood gates keeping an underground river at bay. Our heroes waste no time, and make for the exit with haste.

Wet and cold, our heroes return to Elmerhult. Proud of the fact that they found a permanent solution to the cultists at Duskwater fort.


Meet the new crew

Ola Salo, the Medikus

In the before time, Ola used to dress up as someone he calls “Jeebus”, play in something he calls a “the ark” and sing about how it takes a fool to remain sane. After the fall of society he put his robe on a shelf and grabbed a gun. His new calling was healing the hurt, and killing the ones causing pain.

Carola Häggqvist, the Regulator

She likes to talk about how she used to have the voice of an angel. She likes to dream about a time when she was the most loved person in all of Sweden. A time that passed far before the fall of the world. Now a days, she doesn't sing. She doesn't have anything to sing for anymore, she says. The only thing she will let sing now is her rifle.