Pillars of Eternity - The white march, part 1 - early impressions

"Hey kids! Did you enjoy Pillars of Eternity?"


-Then play The white march! It's more of the same!

That, my friends, is the shortest early impressions article I've ever written. Cheers!


All right, for serious this time.

The White march, part 1 is the first expansion to Pillars of Eternity, by Obsidian. It offers a raised level cap,  a new region, two new companions and a fresh new storyline. New enemies, items and whatnot included. Accompanying the expansion, Obsidian also released the "2.0 patch" which adds a couple of "quality of life" features like a companion AI-system and some smaller changes. While there have been a lot of added content and some new features in this expansion-patch-duo, there haven't really been a large change to the game-play. So, if you liked Pillars of Eternity, you're probably going to get a kick out of The white march. And conversely, if you didn't, this expansion isn't going to change your mind.

So, let's discuss some of the new things in the expansion, shall we? I've yet to finish this expansion, I've probably not put more than three hours into it, so keep that in mind. Also,  there might be spoilers!

The expansion takes place on its own map you can access as soon as you take the quest to go there. The main town in this new region is called Stalwart, and its from there where you will be planning and executing your expeditions.

You're called to Stalwart to help the village open up the legendary Durgans battery. The village has fallen on hard times and the elders seem to think that the treasures inside the battery will help put the village back on the map.

Those who have played Icewind dale will feel right at home here, and that's not just because of the weather. According to the INTERNET the expansion favours combat over dialogue, just like Icewind dale. For some, this is a deal-breaker, for others, it's not.

The two new companions that are introduced are Zahua, the monk and the "Devil of Caroc", a construct with a human soul(who happens to be a rogue). Their pretty interesting and Obsidian once again shows that they can write quirky, likeable characters. Especially fun is how the Devil has her own body-model and looks pretty cool.

I've yet to get to deep into the story and lore of this place, but what has been offered has been pretty nice. There's tales of besieged settlements, crazy experiments and a story of civilization on the edge of the wilderness. I look forward to seeing more of what has to come. 

So, to conclude, it's fun. It's more of the same Pillars of eternity, which is nice if you're into that kind of thing. Just know that if you didn't enjoy the base game, this will probably not change your mind.


Constant full party stealth, the only way to travel through dungeons.