Solside Stories - Chapter 2

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We return to Norrmalm with our tails firmly tucked between our legs. No time to stop by the bar, we need to talk to Alma. She is very happy that we returned with the scriptures and when we tell her about the ambush and the letter she seems oddly calm about it. What's left of the letter seems to indicate that a certain “Aunt Trine” is involved. Our party, being too busy with trying to not get caught had overlooked this detail until now. “Auntie Trine must be Trine Bendixen” Alma says as she eyeballs the letter. “And Trine Bendixen is loaded with cash, getting in good with the Bendixen clan is only a good thing”. The Bendixen-family is located in a place called “Broderbo”. Before we have the time to ask her where this place is and where in this place the Bendixens store their cash, Alma hands us another mission. This will be our most difficult mission yet, it will demand all of our strength and cunning. This, most important of missions, is a babysitting mission. A load groan is heard by everyone in the square at this very moment. Turns out that the mayor of Norrmalm has gotten fed up with his good-for-nothing son. He's a vile creature. Small, ugly and loaded with sharpened knives, he's perfect for our little group. His name is “Hooks” and he is a slayer. A type of character focus on DPS(Damage per second). He's very squishy, but in return he is (supposedly) capable of great damage. There is just one glaring issue, we now have four party members, and this is a three-man game. We solve this easily by dropping our Regulator Bobo in our roster. We are able to reach our roster of characters anytime we are in a safe place, so he, and we, can rest easy knowing he's always close. We figure that we want to take Hooks out for a spin, so we agree to clear out Max Malms basement from gnags. It's not particularly interesting, we go down, stomp some gnags, run into some bigger gnags and stomp them too. The only real problem we see is that our three-man team seems to have become a two man group and useless little dude that mostly just eyeballs all the sharp things on the enemies.

When we get back to Max Malm, he rewards our hard work with more hard work. He has heard that a bunch of bandits have fled from the bunker called “Stronghold” north of Norrmalm. In their hurry, they left a crate of fermented fish behind, and Max wants that crate. We humbly oblige in the hopes of getting some form of reward. At least the bandits might have left something valuable behind. On our way out we hand in the contracts for the Brölbjörns and Vildhunds and have a look in the recruitments office. Our bruiser Rutger is level 4 out of 5, so his potential is pretty much met. Luckily, there is a bruiser just for us. He's tall, colourful and wearing a nice hat. He's the one, the only, the GLENN HYSÉN, and he's got a level cap of 10.

To the Stronghold


We arrive at the Stronghold to find it not quite as deserted as promised. The place is crawling with bandits. Since Hooks is quite useless, we're lucky to have Glenn around. The man is a rock, a rock to hide behind and a rock to roll over our enemies. We stomp our way downwards to the second level where we find the crate of Fermented fish, and more bandits. These bandits must not know about midsummer and Swedish tradition, because the crate is in pristine condition. Or maybe they just have more sense than the rest of us. With the crate under our arm, and Hooks dragging after, we return to Norrmalm.

Crate of fermented fish

Crate of fermented fish


We hand over the crate to Max and return to Alma for our next mission. She has a pretty big mission in store for us. An adventuring party she hired have disappeared. They were working in “Skrålfors” and disappeared on their way home. Their trail went dark in the city of Elmerhult. Alma asks us to go the bar in Elmerhult and ask around for “The Descendants”, the name the group goes by. The only thing our heroes heard was “bar”, and they were instantly on board.

Before we go though, we have some business to conclude. Wendy Goding has another mission for us. First she wanted us to get some Varg-meat, now she wants bacon. The meat can be found in the forest around Norrmalm. What that means is that we have to stroll around the world map hoping to get into random encounters. We're lucky, the encounters come fast and furious, and within minutes we have the bacon we need. Wendy isn't done though, the bacon didn't satisfy her, now she wants bear. We take another stroll on the world map, this time it is a desert. Not a bear in sight. Our heroes walk and walk and nothing happens. Just bandits and wolves and everything else that Wendy DOESN'T want. We even get desperate enough to walk down to Murkmåla in the hopes of finding some bear, with no luck. We give up and start heading to Elmerhult, figuring that we'll sort this one out later. Halfway to Elmerhult and it is bear-city. We're bathing in fur and claws and come out with enough bear-meat for Wendy. With just a small walk left to Elmerhult we begrudgingly head back to Norrmalm. Wendy gobbles down the meat like it's nothing and still wants more, but this time, she wants something special. She leads us to her “meat cave” and tells us to get “the other kind of chicken” and return. Chicken, we think, this'll be breeze. Turns out these chickens walk on two legs, wield weapons and are humans. The humans in the cave put up a decent fight, but our rock Glenn just keeps on rolling. Hooks on the other hand hide behind our Medikus and picks his nose. After some field-corpse-surgery we have the meat that we need, so we head up. Wendy stuffs the meat down her throat and lets out a roar of “MOOORE” and charges us. She's been struck by meat-rage and can't stop herself. We have to defend ourselves and proceed to stomp her into a meat-based paste on he pavement. No one in Normalm bats an eye. With all of this sorted out we decide that Norrmalm is done and so last week. So we walk out the gate and head south, to Elmerhult and to THE BAR!


Meet Glenn Hysén

Meet Glenn Hysén. In a past life he was a famous fotball-player, turned small-time celebrity. After the end of the old world he found a new calling in wielding a giant club and stomping on everything that moved, or anything that tried to move, or thought about the idea of moving. Sometimes he even stomp all over things that have never ever moved.