Solside Stories - Chapter 5

When we last left our heroes, they were making their way back to Norrmalm after a job well done. A crew was rescued and some fun was had. 

As a small celebration of their victories, our crew took a small vacation at the bar in Norrmalm. Spending about a week on drinking and relaxing with the locals. Relaxing being Glenn busting heads and Ola quietly praying to some Jeebus dude. After the said week, the booze was dried up and the money was spent. The time was ripe for a new adventure. Alma wants us to find some dude named Semlon, but there's this other character in town, a dude with a mission. A mission he claims to be "totally legit", all we need to do is to deliver a package to a guy in Hesselby. "No questions asked, no questions needed, just give us the package!" When exiting town, Glenn decides to be the bigger man and pass by Alma to blow raspberries in her face for a couple of minutes while the rest of the crew prepare for the journey. The guy, Hans-Olof, did warn our heroes though, the trek to Hesselby was said to be a hard and dangerous journey, with disaster and peril at every corner. 

Half a days walk later we arrive at Hesselby, the only danger we encountered was a traveling salesman who was peddling sub-standard weapons. A bit anti-climactic, even for the cautious and mild-tempered Carola. The hand-over goes by without a hint of trouble, even more anti-climactic. The contact in Hesselby, a man who wears a funny hat and goes by "Tyggback", gives our heroes a new mission. A mission that he claims to be of equal danger and peril. He wants us to GO BACK to Norrmalm and talk to Hans-Olof, again. And for the second time today, Glenn blows raspberries in someones face, this time though with more contempt. 


To earn some money, kill some time and MAYBE murder something living, we take some bounties. There are two in store for us in Hesselby. The first one comes from a lady called Summer. She wants us to go to the Hydroplant and collect some turbines, ten to be exact. Getting these to her will allow her to expand the power-plant in Hesselby. The second bounty is and actual real bounty. Someone wants the heads of a certain bandit called Digmaster MIke and his crew. We take both and head out to the Hydroplant immediately. 

For a dungeon in the Krater, the Hydroplant is a little bit special. It seems to have withstood some of the destruction of the old world. The force-fields separating the wings of the plant are still intact. Our heroes must search for the levers that shuts them off. Funnily enough, this high-tech stuff has done nothing to keep the wildlife out. The place is filled with Flea bags and gnags. Something that Ola is more than happy to comment on many times during the trek. He is told by Carola that "No-one likes a smart-ass, especially the people who designed these dungeons... I mean these facilities."

Be it through sheer providence, or by very tidy flea bags, all of the turbines are located on the first floor of the plant. Neatly tucked into cupboards that litter the hallways. Our crew, being the thorough kind for dungeon-crawling, still explore every floor of the dungeon, finding nothing but more wildlife and a certain björn who happened to have swallowed an Underside Weapon part. A very rare piece of material that can be used to craft deadly weapons. When the bear falls, Ola wastes no time and puts the still warm and gooey piece into his backpack.

After this, we go to the old Airforce bunker. The place where digmaster Mike and his crew have set up shop. When we get there, we realize that the bounty must have been a fraud. Since it asks for 21 heads in total. One of Digmaster Mikes and 20 of his crewmen. Yet, in the bunker, there seems to be hundreds of them. After some thought, Carola comes up with a god point: "What if we take the wrong heads?" Then and there, the crew decides to NOT make that mistake and painstakingly go through the entire bunker, killing anything that moves. This time, those pesky healer-dudes stand no change. Glenn is like a healer-seeking-missile, carving through lines of bandits to get at their juicy healing center. 

Along the way, we find some new nifty gear, we find some grenades. Pretty damn nifty, our crew think. Because these grenades are special. They are a bit darker than the grenades we're carrying, and they have a large "2" stamped on them. We conclude that these must be "Explosive grenades 2", the explosive sequel to "Explosive grenades"! And being sequels, we all know that they must be bigger AND better, and EVERY WAY! Right!...Right?

The digmaster

At the bottom of the bunker we meet the man himself. DIgmaster Mike is huge, towering well over the pretty large Glenn. Unfortunately for him, he's alone and we're packing new grenades. Unlike most sequels, these do not disappoint. And a careful combination of tactics and grenades spamming fells even this mighty giant. Glenn celebrates his victory over yet another giant foe by slamming his head against the center pillar of the room. A center pillar which is load-bearing, a center pillar which creaks and falls over. The room starts to fall apart around our heroes and we are forced to escape the surprisingly brittle "bunker".

Lots of explosions

When the dust settles, three lone figures are walking away. One giant carrying a bag of heads and a wrench, one tiny figure quietly gibbering about Jeebus and one moderately sized figure, who can be overheard swearing at "shitty Swedish craftsmanship."