Solside stories - a small primer on stats and screens

Since I feel that Solside stories has "taken off", I figured that I would take this time to do a quick rundown on how the games stats and screens work. While the stats in Krater might seem pretty familiar, there are some quirks to the game that differentiate it from the norm. For better or worse. So, for this, I had a new character created. My fiance suggested Örjan Ramberg, so where going with it. Everyone please say: "Hello!"

Welcome to the character sheet/roster. In Krater, you can (and should) keep multiple characters, but you can only have three active at any time. You can switch your team-members at friendly settlements. To the right of your character is his/her stats. They break down as follows:

Strength - Affects your melee damage and the duration of status effects

Stamina - Affects your health

Focus - Affects your ranged damage and healing abilities

Intelligence - Affects the casting time of your abilities and the duration of said abilities

Defense - Reduces incoming damage

Gaining experience increases your rank, but increasing your rank does not affect your stats or your abilities. What rank does, is unlock the booster and implant slots on your character.

Welcome to Örjans brain. As you can see, it's pretty quite in here.

The numbered slots here are the booster-slots. Each slot opens up when the appropriate rank is achieved. Rank 2 unlocks slot 2 etc. As you can see, each slot is attached to a specific ability. You can fit a booster in each open slot. A booster is something that augments your ability. 

For example: We put some healing boosters into Glenn Hyséns "stomp" ability. So whenever he uses said ability, he(and nearby allies) regenerate some health. 

The idea here is for you to tailor specific boosters to abilities to get the most out of each action. Booster come in many different shapes. Some gives you health regeneration, some gives you a buff to a specific stat, some augment the damage of said skill. You cannot remove a booster from a slot once it has been "operated" in(a fancy term for "slamming a needle and a batter into your skull until it sticks"), but you can overwrite the booster by placing another one on the same slot and "operating".

And now it's time for the physical. This is the implant screen, as you can see, it works pretty much the same as the booster screen. Implants go in, they augment, everyone's happy. The difference here is that implants affect stats, not abilities. So, for all you character builders out there, this is the screen you want to look at. Shown in the image is a "Strength implant", and as the explanation goes, it gives you bonus strength. Pretty straight forward.

From here on, there is one more screen for us to look at, and that is the inventory:

1000 hours in paint

Sorry for the bad "paint"-job, it only took 1000 hours. 

So, the icons by the A, B and C represent your three active characters respective inventories. Their inventories are the two icons by their characters. TWO whole slots, take it easy there. Hold on to your seat if you need to. But kidding aside, the two slots represent the weapon and the gadget/item that the character uses. The weapons is self-explanatory. It deals damage, as for stat-breakdowns it looks like this: Damage, attack speed, damage-per-second.

The gadget slot is filled by an item you can use in battle. These items vary in power and ability. Some are quick-healing, some are stat-boost and some do some variety of damage(either direct to one enemy or to all enemies in it's radius).

The button by numbers 1 - 4 are the different sections of your inventory. You can probably divine what goes into what part of the inventory. But, for the sake of thoroughness: upgrades hold your boosters and implants, crafting hold both crafting material and blueprints(which are consumed when learned) and valuables hold various junk that you can sell for delicious cash.

So, dear reader(and hopefully reader of Solside stories), we have it. The essentials to understanding how this particular hack 'n' slash is played. I hope you've found this at least somewhat interesting, and I will see you in the Krater.