Solside stories - Chapter 7

We get over to Ylvas place in Feberhult. There's not much here, so we ask the first (and only) person we meet. Fortunately, it's Ylva, unfortunately, she has another fetch quest for us. At this point, our heroes are completely numb to the idea of fetching things. Everything, everywhere now looks like an item that needs to be returned to someone. 

Fancy little dungeon

The annoying slot that needs and item... ehm... the digger Ylva needs us to find her gear. She was digging in her back yard, and she broke through to a big tunnel. Inside said tunnel, there was danger and she bolted as quickly as she could, leaving her gear behind. To appease Glenn, who is at this point slowly starting to boil over, she promises us that in the cave is the biggest Björn we will ever see. Somewhat happier, we enter the cave. The prospect for giant björns seem slim at first, being that the first floor of the cave is packed with nothing but dogs. However, at the very bottom(as usual) of the cave, there is something. It's big, furry and ugly. On closer inspection, it has a name-tag, a tag that says "Alpha björn". The expression on Glenns face is hard to read, we can't tell if its' pure murderous rage or the expression you get when you see the one thing in life that you love the most. The battle against the Alpha björn is long and hard. At every corner she is on top off us and it takes all of Glenns skills to keep the björn from eating our squishier team-mates. But in the end, like all things, the giant fur-ball falls. Like a a hundred year old oak, the björn groans and creaks as she falls to the ground. For the first time since we started travelling with Glenn, he is still, he is silent. 

Sleep softly, gentle beast

We rummage around the björns den and find Ylvas tools and the team walks in silence to the mouth of the cave. When we exit, Glenn turns around and with a mournful expression stares longingly down into the cave. 

Ylva tells us to bring her gear to Selmon, and she will go there later when she has packed up her essentials. We do as she says without complaint. It seems uncanny, but when we leave Feberhult, we can't escape the feeling that one of us has left something there. Something deep and personal. 

Back at Selmons place, there seems to be a party. At least we're not the only ones there. As we approach, we hear the unmistakeable sound of a shake-down going on. Without much ceremony, Glenn crushes the skulls of the bandits. His face as dark and dead as the stumps on the shoulders of the bandits. Selmon is pleased by the rescue, and even more pleased by the confirmation that Ylva will be joining him. He says that there is only one more thing that needs to be done before he starts digging. He needs a letter delivered to his dad in Hesselby. We take the letter and kick over his mail-box on the way out. DELIVERY QUESTS ARE EQUALLY AS BAD AS FETCHING ONES! Leaving Selmons valley, we ought to head north towards Hesselby, but Glenn starts walking south. Ola and Carola know better than to question their giant friend and follow along in his wake. We wonder aimlessly for many days and nights. Glenn quietly mumbling about being done with fetching, wanting to settle down and find a björn for himself.

Seems like Selmons thugs answer to a certain someone

We end up in a small town Trollberga. Well, calling it a town is probably a bit charitable, it's really just a bridge, some houses, a flea market and a boulder sitting on the side of the road. On closer inspection, the boulder isn't a boulder at all, it's a man. Or, something that used to be a man. Now it is a mass of muscles held together by leathery skin. The giant is sitting on the side of the road, poking at a small patch of flowers. By the size of his fists, our crew quickly come to the conclusion that this beast is not one to be trifled with. The giant spots our crew, gives them a long stare. Locking eyes with our crew, the giants hand swiftly gathers up the flowers at the patch and stuffs them in his moth, chews and swallows. Ola stands as in shock, Carola trembles softly and hugs her gun. Glenn, on the other hand is steadfast and sure. With confidence he walks over to the giant and starts to whisper something in his ear. After the exchange, the giant gets on his feet and lumbers over to Ola and Carola.

"Small man says that if I follow shrimpy gunman and tiny lady, I get more flowers, true?" he says in a voice that sounds like an industrial park. "Y-y-yeah, sure, flowers, many flowers!" Ola stammers. Glenn waves to the crew and continues is way down to Trollberga. Without saying a word, both Ola and Carola know that this is it for Glenn. He needs to leave and find something for himself. With little ceremony, the crew is split up. But, on the bright side, we now have an even bigger meat-wall at our disposal. He's at least 2½ meters of muscles, goes by the name of Börje Salming and he seems to love flowers. Ola figures that they should test this new bruiser out. So we set out to the nearby dungeon called the festering vault. Inside we find a bunch of diggers and bandits. It isn't hard to get Börje to do what you want, as long as you have some flowers (or just garden-variety weeds) to bribe him. For a handful of meadow flowers, Börje sets to work in the dungeon. Smashing heads and jumping on spines, to the untrained eye, he looks like the offspring of a gorilla and a school-bus. 

What happens when Börje lands on someone

With the dungeon thoroughly cleansed of life, the crew head back to Hesselby. Time to finally get back to delivery and fetching. Unbeknownst to our heroes, there is a shadow on their heels. A shadow that has been after them for some time. A shadow... following.