Captains Journal - Entry 1

Entry 1

I will dedicate this journal to my vengeance. My name is Sue Plata, son of Juan Plata. THE Juan Plata. To most, he is known as the legendary musician who traveled the twenty seas, to me, he is the dirty dog who left ma and me with nothing but a guitar and an empty bottle of booze. The pain of neglect stings, but not as much as the curse he places on me before he left. He gone and named me Sue. So, for that, I will follow him. From shore to shore, from sea to watery grave. I will find the old man and make him pay. Today I begin the journey to claim vengeance.

I've commissioned a ship, which I named the Revenge, and am currently in the process of recruiting sailors and fitting the ship. Tomorrow we set out to the open sea, to find my father and make him pay. Mark my words, dear journal, a year from now, I will have snuffed the old bastard out!


Entry 1....1

So, um, Captain Sue Plata died. Writing this now is the NEW captain. CAPTAIN NISESON. Myself, Freeman and Tanner were recruited by the strange guy to go "on a quest of vengeance and gold." Heh, too bad for the fart that he ate the wrong side of a dagger on the first ship we boarded. Sooo... being the entrepreneur (whatever that means) that I am, I have taken command! First order of business: Abandon this old cog. Those scallywags we tried to keelhaul had a nicer boat, and they won't be using it anymore.

I've taken the liberty of naming my crew. Tanner is now known as the killer, since he's real good at it. And Freeman is now called the cleaner, because if he doesn't clean the ship, me and the killer will beat him!

I've also taken the liberty of refocusing the mission. We're not going on no fools quest. We're going for THE fools quest, the quest for gold and glory. To assert this to the men, I have set sail for a small cluster of island, which we will plunder and pillage.

Entry 1.2

Those islands payed off. Three of them where inhabited. Two of the locals resisted, we killed 'em and stole their cows. The last local surrendered to us. I've come to calling him Tribal Trent. For a man who has chicken bones stuck in his nose, he is a pretty good cook, and he reliable in a fight. We will now set sail back to port to pawn off some of this booty.

Assaulting some tribals.

Entry 1.3

The deck is full of shit. Need to supply Freeman the cleaner with more beatings.


Entry 1.4

Back at port once again. Pawned some stuff off. Surprisingly no one wants to buy the shitting cows. Honesty, I've grown attached to one of them. I call him Lyman. 

Hired two more crew: Salvadore Ogletree and Valu Hershey. Note to self: Remember to pay the wages.

Entry 1.5 

Set sail towards unknown waters. Encountered stiff resistance on a pretty stiff cog. Valu Hershey payed with his life. Stoned in the eye, and I who never got to name or beat the old cod. Maybe Valu stone-eye-dead-meat is good enough. Less wages to pay though.

Time to teach the boys some valuable lessons.