New Tuesday series/New old schedule

So last week we wrapped up Adam Smith plays Torchlight 2. It had been going on for about a month, and I'd gotten pretty settled in my schedule of doing longer written series (Let's play? Let's write?) on Mondays and doing something shorter and lighter on Tuesdays. So, why mess with something that works?

So, here's how it's going to work moving forward:

Monday is longer let's play/let's write. As of writing, the current series is Solside stories. 

Tuesday will be "random narrative"/shorter let's plays. I will take this time to play around with different games, different set-ups and different narrative styles. 

Wednesday is still going to be personal update/"blog". 

So, introducing the first in the "random narrative" series:


According to the steam page, pixel piracy is a 2D Pirate Simulator. It's a game about getting a crew together, building (and upgrading) a ship and going out to the high seas to experience adventure. It's kind of a rouge-like affair with a lot of procedural generation and randomization. I am hoping that the random element will bring lots of interesting situations and fun narratives. I'm not sure how long this series will run, but I'm thinking about a month. After that I'll leave another little update like this and introduce another new game that I'll be writing about. So, for now, why don't you join in and enjoy some adventures on the high seas!

As my first act of scallywaggery, I will post the first update on this new Tuesday series tomorrow, on Wednesday!