Solside stories - chapter 18

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and we are currently staring down the barrel of a double ambush. Some nice fellows in some even nicer gear caught us off guard, and some even nicer fellows with some even nicer gear caught THEM off guard. So, how did we get here? Well, we were told to take Emma Bendixen to St. Rehlins, for a nice payday, and everything was going so nicely. The weather was perfect for a walk and the bandits were keeping away, and then suddenly... these fellows. Before we can react, the second ambush springs on the first, and the nicer group falls into the nice one. After the brawl, the leader of the nicer group approaches us. He wears a nice pin-stripe suit and calls himself Walter. Ola swears quietly to himself that he's seen him before, he just can't put his finger on it. Maybe... back at Astrids? Probably, no matter, the important thing is, he isn't killing us, yet.

Nice gear, bud.

Walter says that the first (the nice one) group was part of RISC, Riget Internal Security. They've been tracking Emma with the purpose of bringing her back. His group, he says, are Storsäk. The natural enemy to RISC. He goes on to explain the two groups history, the war they've been waging in the shadows. Real cloak and dagger stuff, too bad most of our group has already fallen asleep, and Börje is off picking flowers. Walter seems to enjoy telling this story so much that he goes on, knowing that no one is listening.

Several long, boring, hours later we arrive at St. Rehlins. Walter takes Emma to the sickbay and urges us to find Ola, that one guy from Petsamo, other Ola. He tells us that time is off the essence and we need to make haste. Our Ola assures Walter that we'll find other Ola as fast as possible.

Our group starts, and ends, their search at the bar. After looking about, concluding that Ola isn't there, they settle down with some beers. Some beers later, a local jackass talks Gunde into exploring the old mine behind the bar. It all started with some small talk and ended with a bet that he was too chicken to enter. Gunde in is state, vowed to enter said mine and retrieve said chicken. So off they went.

One scary giant mutant down, a hundred more to go...

And back they came, with their tails between their legs. The sign warned for tentacles and it wasn't lying. The mine is filled with giant mutated ghasts. While their lives were spared, their honor was now permanently stricken, especially Gundes. Before he could finish his solemn vow to re-enter the mine and clear it once and for all, the fuzz was on us.

Apparently, in our absence, Ola, other Ola that is, was found dead behind a dumpster. Some local had fingered our group for the crime. While we pleaded for our innocence, claiming to be nothing more than a lousy couple of drunks, the länsman of St. Rehlins reminded us that it is a crime to drink without a license to operate heavy machinery. Us, not knowing the customs of the land, were trapped. The länsman, or länswoman, Gunilla also said that prisons were in short supply. In fact, there is not one at St. Rehlins. So instead of hard time, we got a hard mission. Some dude by the name of Niklas had gone missing in and old mine not too far from St. Rehlins, and the länswoman wanted him found.

“So, a dungeon-clearing-person-fetching-mission it is then?” Ola said and cracked his knuckles.
“Just leave it to us!”

St. Rehlin, post mine debacle.