Let's chat - DOOM (2016)

So I just finished the DOOM (The one from 2016, Doom 4?) and figured I'd talk a little bit about it. There might be spoilers in this article, so keep that in mind. SPOILER WARNING IS IN EFFECT!

Pretty neat alt-cover.

While I really enjoyed the game, I want to start off by saying that it's not fair. It's not fair that they should make a new game in this series, it's not fair that they named it the same as the original and it's not fair to put them up against each other. Doom has a very special place in my heart, and in my collection, and I doubt that any new game can truly do it justice. And I said that with my nostalgia goggles off. On any given day, the original Doom and its sequel (Doom 2) wins out over pretty much any game I can think off. So, it simply isn't fair to me or this new game to be called the same.

With that said, the game was pretty damn great. I think that ID software struck a pretty neat balance in keeping it old school while still adding some newer mechanics into the game. It ran well, it played well and it was stable. All in all a solid game. Not a gold-star-pillar-of-the-industry like the original, but a solid game nonetheless. 

While the game is solid, it does have some flaws. To me most of them are small and petty, but some deserve to be talked about regardless. One such flaw is the slow opening. Out of the gate the game moves at a quick pace, doomguy is fast and deals a lot of damage. You'll be bunny-hopping around and taking fools heads (and other limbs) off with ease, and then suddenly the game just pulls on the brakes and makes you sit and listen to characters talk and expose. It was quite jarring when it happened, and it happened fairly early on in the game. It really threw me off when I was murdering demons six ways from Sunday and then suddenly got locked in a room while the two supporting characters talked. Thankfully, moments of such jarring pace-change were relegated to the beginning of the game. It does make me wonder, though. Why have a story that requires such moments at all? I mean, in Doom, the story doesn't need to be complex, and surely not so complex as to require moments where other characters expose to each other. But that is just my opinion.

The early trailer for Doom 2016 really didn't sell the combat well. The guns looked pretty weak and the "glory kills" seemed to break up the focus of the player. Having played the game, I am happy to say that my early estimations about the combat was wrong. The guns feel satisfying and powerful. There really isn't any other game on the modern market that can make a double-barreled shotgun so useful and satisfying as in Doom 2016. As for the gory kills, well, they serve a pretty cool purpose and discovering all the horrible ways you can end your opponents lives is a fun little puzzle. Their purpose is to facilitate more murder. See, if you kill an enemy using a glory kill, said enemy will drop health, armor and ammo (if you're low on it). It is very handy to use the glory kill system since ht enemies hit hard and you loose health and armor quickly. So instead of running away and looking for power-ups, the game encourage you to wade in and finish off a couple of enemies to continue the fight. The system reminds me of the health-system in Space Marine (that one Warhammer 40k brawler/shooter), where you would only gain health from finishing off enemies. These systems are fun because the encourage a more fast and fluid play-style, and they also fit thematically, since both the protagonists in their respective games are unrelenting bad-asses.

So, in closing, will Doom 2016 stand the test of time, like its predecessor? I doubt it, but for now, the game is solid and fun. I would probably recommend this game if you're the kind of person who likes your shooters fast and gory. So, for now, RIP AND TEAR!