New projects

Hi! Long time no see. I mean, this is kinda awkward. It feels like I said the same thing about a year ago and then I disappeared instantly. Well, life has an interesting way of tossing everything up in the air. Long story short: New city, new job, new school and a baby.

But, this blog is about escaping the problems of daily life, not indulging in them. So, let me present to you, my two next projects:


Project the first: The old library

Sweet memories.

Sweet memories.

I have about 490 (492 by my last count) games in my physical collection. Most of them are from the time period 2000 - 2010. I figure it'd be a nice writing exercise (and a nice exercise in wallowing in light nostalgia) to pull a game out once in a while and talk about it. Some games are good, some are bad, some are amazing. It'll be a fun trip.

The basic layout of this project is as follows: I'll go through my collection alphabetically, pulling out 1 to 3 games per letter. The discussion will primarily be about my personal experience playing and remembering the game. If the game calls for it, there may be comparisons to other titles, there might be discussions about the games legacy and whatever else it left out in the world (mechanics, art-style, engine etc.).

Project the second: Return of the RTS

As a kid, I loved RTS-games. I can't tell you how much time I spent playing Age of Empires and Red Alert. Growing up during the '90s was a blessing. Red Alert, Age of Empires and Warcraft had popularized the genre so much that stores were filled with hopeful RTS-games. 

Sweet memories... aswell.

Sweet memories... aswell.

But times changed. For the genre and for myself. Something (I can't really say what) alienated me from the genre. The spark was gone, I couldn't bring myself to play RTS-games. Maybe I had gorged myself full, maybe the genre moved away from something unexplained that held me to it. I don't know. What I do know is that now-a-days, whenever I try to play an RTS-game, I'm filled with a building feeling of stress. Something about the genre really rakes my nerves over the coals. So, with that in mind, LET'S PLAY SOME RTS-GAMES!
I want to figure this out, so I drew up a list of RTS-games I'm going to play over the coming months. I will post about my experiences playing these games. I'll try to go into both how they play, and what I'm experiencing while playing them.

The list:

  • Act of Aggression
  • Blitzkrieg 3
  • Company of Heroes 2
  • Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak
  • Sins of a Solar Empire
  • Sudden Strike 4

This is not a list of games I've been recommended, nor is it a "best of"-list. This is just the games I have at hand and really want to examine. To add to this, I will also be going back to the following older RTS-games and examining them, and my experience, as well:

  • Age of Empires 2
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Empire Earth
  • Empire: Dawn of the Modern World
  • Rise of Nations
  • Sudden Strike

These lists may be subject to change in the future, but in change I mean add. I do not plan on passing any of these over.

So, there it is, my two new projects. Wish me luck and let's hope for a productive year.