Screwing up in Shadowrun and succeeding?

[This text contains SPOILERS for Shadowrun: Dragonfall. You have been warned]


To say that it was a pretty mission would be an overstatement as big as the crater I now find myself standing in front of. The giant hole in the ground used to be a corporate building, belonging to Aztechnology-group.  Don't get me wrong, the objective WAS to blow this place up. So, mission successful, everyone happy, let's go home. So, why doesn't it feel like a success? It might have something to do with EVERYTHING going wrong on the way to this point. Let's back up.

Sometime last week, we did a hit the OTK-building. It was in preparation for this mission. Our goal was to infiltrate the Knight Errant-comms, so we could keep track of their movements. Boy, that mission was smoother than whiskey and hot butter. We went in, stole some credentials, shit-talked some guards, stole what we needed and physically broke their servers for good measure. All without a hitch. Well, one wage-slave and a couple of security-guards had to bite the dust, but that was mostly part of the plan. When we left the building, everything on our to-do-list had been neatly checked and we had even covered our tracks. A beautiful mission, all in all. This one, not so much.

Did we manage to cause a scene RIGHT OUTSIDE THE BUILDING we we infiltrating? Check. Did we manage to (eventually) manage to trip the alarm? Check. Did we manage the Knight Errant High-alert team catch up to us? Oh, that's a big check. There were on the other hand some positives. One such thing was that we are able to overload the power-grid to stall the alarms. Too bad about the bums, though. They'll probably be paying for it for a long time to come. And you DON'T WANT THE BE IN DEEP WITH AZTECHNOLOGY. 

The other thing that pulled us out of the literal fire was optimal team-work. Eiger was a beast with he sniper-rifle, Glory was tearing it up with her razor-claws and Blitz was quick on the draw whenever he dove into the matrix. I cannot believe that a fuck-up like Blitz would be THIS hood under fire. And what about me, our glorious leader. I can't say that I'm proud of my performance, but I did get some clutch lightning-bolt in. Like just at the emergency exit. This one big, ugly troll with a grenade-launcher came barrelling down on us. He was probably part of the High-alert team, I didn't stop to ask. As soon as he entered view I snapped off a bolt that kept him stunned long enough for the crew to escape, leaving him standing with drool on his chin as the building came down.

I do wonder what happens to the escapees. See, we freed some prisoners from the test-chambers. These poor fools were born and bred for testing, believing it to be their only purpose. They seemed genuinely sad when Eiger put a shotgun-round through the high-wizards gut. Well, time will tell. We might find some dirty hospital-gown dressed corpses in the bazaar tomorrow. But wouldn't it be amazing if we didn't? If just one of those pathetic being managed to claw his or her way out of the breeding-chamber mentality long enough to actually salvage something? Would that make this endeavour worth it? I don't know. All I know is that tonight, I bring my entire crew back, safe and sound. The only things left for us to do is: A) Contact the client and tell her "a job well done" and B) Check the value of all this data that we stole.

Maybe that will cheer me up. Believe me, after a night like this, I sure could use some cheering up.