Personal update 22/06

Since work on the Let's talk - Binary Domain is done and will probably be posted tomorrow, I figured I could take the time to just have a small personal update.

I've been stuck inside with the flu all midsummer, this has left me in a less than productive stage, so much hasn't happened(which, when writing this, makes this post pretty ironic). But I've come up with some ideas of things I might want to talk about in the future.

Books, man. Read 'em.

I got some new books yesterday, they're all "Historical fiction". I figure the genre is pretty self-explanatory. I might want to do a piece on some of them, since there is some quality to be found here. The main things that I find interesting about these kind of books though, is how dangerously close they get to "harlequin-style-romance" for nerds. Just take away all the semi-erotic stuff and replace it with battles. It feels almost a bit pandering, but you know what? I don't really mind. What it has done, for me, is me understand why some people decide to read these kinds of books, and I kind of feel like I understand the people reading "harlequin-style-romance" novels a little bit more as well.

I was thinking of doing a piece on The Witcher 3, but it wouldn't be very interesting. Since most of the cool bits in that game is related to the story and characters, and if there's one thing I find weird to write about, it's about story and character(future irony OR irony nr 2 for those of you keeping score).

So, here's my piece on The Witcher 3: It's pretty cool. You talk to people, you hit stuff with either a silver or a steel sword. Some shit happens and then you throw some bombs and/or magic. THE END!

Now this doesn't mean that I don't appreciate The Witcher. I like it a great deal. In fact, I might play it some more after I post this. I just don't feel like I have any good input on the game. Well, maybe I change my mind in the future, who knows?

Other than that, there are some games, some books and maybe a movie or two I want to write about. I'm not a person who keeps in touch with the "here-and-now", so don't go expecting me to cover what's new and hip. I'm going to focus on covering things that appeal to me, and maybe to you too.