Back to work

So it's back to work again. For two more days, after that I go on vacation. I hope to do some writing during said vacation, maybe even expand the site a bit. But for now, the next coming days will probably be a bit slow. I have some ideas for future articles, but most of them aren't completely formed yet.

The idea that has been spinning about my head the most recently is a comparison-piece where I put Galactic Civilizations 3 against StarDrive 2. They're beautifully similar, and yet very much different, and I was fortunate enough to pick both up at the same time. So now I'm sitting in the fortunate spot of one who can view both games separately, and still do a play-by-play comparison of them.

If you're enjoying vacation from work or summer break from school and find yourself with some time to spare. I'd recommend reading a book, specifically the "Shadows of the apt" series by Adrian Tchaikovsky. The first book in the series is called "Empire in black and gold". It's a very enjoyable and pretty easy fantasy read with one and half neat twist to it. The "half neat twist" is that it's a medieval world going into a sort of "steam-punk"-era. The "whole neat twist" is that instead of having the classic fantasy races, the races in the book all take inspiration from different insects.

Also, as I continue on my journey of being better at writing and understanding, I do apologize for any and all errors in my language. I hope you'll be able to understand me even with everything that is inevitably wrong.

Daily The Witcher 3 update: Still playing it. "I hit things with swords and the story is fun" is still all I have to say about it, but it is still pretty enjoyable.