Site update 30/06

So, its update time!

I am not a neat freak, but I do have a penchant for order. I like my games sorted by name, my books sorted by author and I loose my stuffing whenever my lovely fiancée leaves stuff lying around the apartment. So, this has now spread to the blog and I am officially splitting it. There are now two sections, this one(the letters) will be dedicated to more personal stuff, site-updates and off-the-cuff commentary. The articles section is now where my more concrete thoughts go. You know, Lets talks, exploring games and such. This will also have the added benefit of letting me have an easier time showcasing my so called "work" and still being able to post stupid stuff.

 I may in the future move my old articles into the new section, but I make no promises, since I haven't figured out a practical way of doing it. I might end up having to re-post them. Anyways, there will be some more stuff coming onto the site in the future, but for now, let talk about...


Current article formats!

For the time being, I have two formats I'm working with. Those are the "Let's talk" format and the "Exploring Games" format. They might seem similar, but there is one big difference. 

See, Let's talks are all about games I have completed. I will talk about them like the completed products/experiences/art-pieces that they are. These will usually be spoiler-filled and discussion about the full experience of playing the game.

Exploring games on the other hand, are for unfinished games. They might be games that have not yet left development, or games I haven't finished, but still want to talk about. These articles will be more about my experience playing the game as it goes on. I might write about a game as it stands, or how it is "in progress".


To the future!

So, is this it? No, not really. I am currently rolling around some ideas for new content. I don't really feel comfortable talking too much about these ideas, since they're not fully formed, but rest assured, there will be more stuff coming. I want to try my hand at more, free-form writing. Doing less formal pieces, so I can both write in smaller bursts, and also practice writing "on a timer", so to speak. Since I'm not a native English-speaker, I try to do some rough editing to make sure my articles are at least readable, but I want to try my hand at just writing as I think, so I can get a better feel for formulating ideas.


That's it for today, will probably be doing some small tweaks throughout the coming weeks, but hopefully we will be returning to form very soon.

As always, please excuse any poor language, I mean no offense, only to better my writing. If you spot any errors, please let me know. I wish to learn, and without knowing my errors, how am I supposed to fix them?

Thanks for taking the time, and I hope to see you soon!