Playing some of that Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a fun game. It is stimulating to play, beautiful to look at and pretty nice to listen to as well. One of the best parts of the game is how Amplitude have managed to create a bunch of really unique factions that all co-exist and are pretty competitive. Each faction has its own special power and play-style that vary quite dramatically. To add to this, you can also create your own custom faction using the original factions as a base. 

The Vaulters for example get to use a strategic resource as a luxury one, allowing them to teleport units between cities, while the Roving clans can move their cities outright. The Necrophages can eat their enemies and the Cult can convert small cities to their ranks.

So, in the interest of getting a conversation going about this game, I'll now post my own custom faction. Enjoy:

Enter the Broken Shitlords. They're a faction based on the Broken Lords, but with a small golden twist. See, the Lords do not eat food, they eat dust. So instead of having most of the Lords starting bonuses, my faction has been focused on Dust-management. This will allow you to grow your economy very quickly and keep it at peak performance for a long time. When using this build, the only true threat is your own greed. You will grow fast and aggressive, so make sure to keep your approval as high as possible.

So, enjoy creating a 6 population, 2 boroughs-city by turn 15.

The picks:
*Appetite for dust - Broken lords faction set(10)
*Dust efficient - 1 extra Dust per Dust tile(25)
*Businessmen level 3 - 30% Dust production(34)
*Empire Mint - Start with the Empire Mint tech(10)
*Mill foundry - Start with the Mill Foundry tech(10)

Cost 79/80

Enjoy laughing at the game as it asks you if you're sure about creating a "sub-standard" faction, since you're not using all of your points.