Drinkin' beer on a Tuesday 4/8

I just passed the two week mark of getting back to work. I'm celebrating it by having some 3,4% beer. I'm currently enjoying a bottle of Brooklyn ½ Ale for those interested. 

Getting back to work has been pretty easy. Summer is usually pretty slow at my job. So there is little stress involved in each day, which is very nice. What has been hard is returning to the old 2300 - 0530 sleep schedule. I'm the kind of person who likes saying awake til' about 0400, and sleeping to about 1000.

I've been getting into two games recently. I picked up Batman: Arkham Knight for the PS4. I'm a moderate fan of the series, and seeing how the games launch was a bit sketchy, I waited a bit before picking this one up. But now that I've started playing it, I find it pretty entertaining. I mean, it's Batman. It's more of the good ol' rocksteady brand fun. To describe it in a shorter way: It's everything that it says on the tin. You punch, you kick, you activate bat-detecitve mode and look at stuff. There's some bat-clawing and some bat-gliding.

 There is one thing that is nagging me though. See, Batman is pretty much a one-stop-shop for problem-solving. There isn't a problem Batman can't solve with some nifty tool from his belt. Now, in the third installment of these games, his toll-belt has become quite bloated. It almost feels like the designers are bending over backwards just trying to create uses for his new tools. This leads to some very interesting problems, especially for his newest, shiniest and biggest one yet: The Batmobile, or the BatTank, or the BatTransformer. I don't know, the thing is a car and a tank and everything between. I want to go through a very early scenario from the game without spoiling too much, but you've been warned. If you absolutely  want to be spoiler-free, skip the next paragraph.

[MILD SPOILER]Batman has a problem. He needs go use a communications-tower to broadcast some kind of signal. When he gets there, he realizes that the power to the tower has been cut. Now, to solve this, he calls in his (remote controlled) aircraft, Batwing, to field-upgrade his Batmobile. The Batwing shows up and installs a winch-system to the Batmobile without even landing. So, to sum up: A remote-controlled aircraft preforms high-tech upgrades on another vehicle, while hovering. This is done so that Batman can A) get his car to the roof of the building the tower is on and B) power the tower with the generator in his car. A small driving/car-climbing-puzzle ensues and we end up on the roof with the car and proceed to power the tower(that rhymes too much, but I can't think of anything more/less clever). Problem solved. So, here's my questions: Why can't Batman just install the damn winch on his aircraft and power the tower while it hovers? The answer: Well, we needed the winch for game-play and what we just played was the intro/tutorial for the tool. I know that the winch is necessary for the rest of the game, but that introduction, and the puzzle, they make no sense. It feels like Batmans biggest problem is over-spending on shiny new toys, and he must justify this by using them in this strange way. [/MILD SPOILER]

There are other "small" issues like this, but I try not to get too hung up on them. At least this time they nailed the combat(unlike the NOT rocksteady Batman: Origins), even improving on it a bit with better sound-effects and some really nice animations.

The other game I've been getting into is Breach & Clear: Deadline. It's a squad-based tactics-game where you control a four-man team of special ops dudes as they are left in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. 


It play quite like its predecessor Breach & Clear or Door Kickers. You issue orders in a pause-mode and then go into real-time when you execute said orders. The special things about this one is: ZOMBIES and a semi open-world. It's pretty damn fun, way more fun that the steam reviews make it out to be. The whole pause/play game-play reminds me a lot of the old UFO-series, how it's not quite turn-based and note quite real-time. For a person who is quite slow to react like myself, this style fits me well. There's also a some mild scavenging game-play and character building. It is fun, but why someone just threw an M249 in the trash is beyond me. I haven't really gotten very far into it yet, so I'm not totally ready to pass judgement. 

A small mention has to go out to Halfway, the small X-com-like that could. I picked it up not long ago and played it quite a bit. A really fun little tactics game. That one I could recommend, with the added caveat that you have to be able to deal with some RNG to really like the game.

Small notes on re-reading this to myself:
1) Absolutely! Learn to spell it!

2) But...but...but... find better words!

3) Get better!