The backlog - a personal problem

So, last weekend I finished up Pillars of Eternity. It had been sitting on my hard-drive since release, waiting for me to finish it. Before I stopped playing, I had it to three-quarters mark in the main story, with a lot of side-quest done and filed away. I can't tell you why I stopped playing, I was really enjoying myself. I just, plain forgot about it. Anyway, I picked up the newest expansion for it not long ago and with that, I finished the rest of the main game. It was good, great in fact. I liked it so much I wrote an article about it earlier today. I might, in fact, write more about it later on. It's one of those game you could talk about for hours. Not just because it is long and grand and all that. It's a game that has a pretty complex story. Well, half-truth there. The story isn't really complex, its kind go standard fare. But everything around the story, the world, the lore and the characters are really complex. THOSE things you could talk about for hours.

I like putting screenshots in my writing. This screenshot has nothing to do with anything except for my want to put it here.

But now, Pillars of Eternity is done. It is in the past. Time to look forward, to the future, which is also the past, since it's been bought, payed for and stacked on a neat little pile in my head. Let's look onto the dreaded BACK-LOG!

Anyone who is into ANYTHING has one of these. A pile of unfinished somethings out of your preferred hobby. Be it games, books or stacks of new skis. My current back-log looks like this:

  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Metal gear solid V: The phantom pain
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall(Director's cut)
  • Shadowrun: Hong kong
  • Satellite Reign

There are more games in my library that technically belong in the back-log, but these ones are the ones on my mind now, games that I enjoy and want to actively play NOW.

Dragonfall is on my back-log, but I've technically already finished it. It slid in there because the moment I booted up Hong Kong, I realized that I had foreshorten much of what Dragonfall was all about. So I made the decision to replay Dragonfall before I start playing Hong Kong. I decision that I both enjoy and regret. As you can tell, I'm in deep with some pretty lengthy games, and it will take some time for me to work through this.

I got to say, though, Shadowrun is a pretty game. This is really subjective, but I'm really into Shadowruns kind-of-not-really cartoony aesthetic. The also works as a measuring stick to Pillar of Eternity. Where Pillars was a game of many numbers and functions, it had the problem of getting really messy at times. But the up-side was that everything was really granular. Shadowrun has a much more simple rule-set. A tried and tested system that isn't as granular, but work almost all of the time. A smooth, yet simple, affair.

I will now take the time to apologize to any and all Shadowrun-fans in the audience that took offense at me calling their system "simple." I personally do not think that "simple" automatically means "bad" or "lesser than". Simple is simple, simple is good and simple is usually functional. But, anyways:


I'm thoroughly enjoying Phantom Pain. It is quite the mechanical master-piece. I am however not really ready to talk about it yet. The few things I'm willing to talk about would probably sound like:

A game I can talk about is Akrham Knight. According to the game, I'm close to half-way. I don't know if that counts ALL the content or just the story-content. To me, Arkham knight belongs right next to Bloodborne in my mind. They are both very competent sequels to very good games that on paper should be great, but they don't FEEL great. For me, I call it a lack of "magic". No, I don't want fireballs in Batman. I mean that special feeling you had when you booted up Akrham Asylum. That sense of wonder at the fact that they made a batman-game that was fantastic. By now, we know that they are great, and they'r doing their third encore on stage(Arkahm Origins was never on stage, they sat out back wondering about how one makes counters work) with pretty much the same show. I think one can say that the formula is getting a bit stale, but that also feels unfair, since the game is still great to play. I guess this is what it feels like to get tired of eating cake every day. Totally a "first-world-problem", but a problem no less.