In the coming weeks...

So, funny story: Just last week I was talking about how my schedule for this site would work, and then this week happened. I'm going to see it less as fate and more as circumstance that this keeps happening to me. By that, I mean making plans one week and failing them next week.

So, let me explain what is happening. To do that, we have to go back in time a bit.

Some three and a half years ago, me and my fiancée made a deal. The deal was that she would study and I would work. We said that when she finished school, we'd move to a bigger place and I would study (and she would work). That time has now come.

The specific reason for me missing to post things on the site THIS week is because last weekend, I was in another city, signing a contract for an apartment. The weeks leading up to this have been a stressfull mess of looking for places and dealing with realters, which has taken it's toll on my free time and energy. Now that time has passed and in April, we'll move. The time leading up to April will mostly be spent throwing stuff out, packing and fixing up the old place. So, with all the things that I will have to deal with, I can't really promise to keep schedule. Now, I'll still post things, as a matter of fact, I've already started working on next weeks posting. But what I'm trying to say (in a very rambling way) is: "I'm sorry if you've come to enjoy the site and is missing content. I promise to do what I can, but I cannot make any guarantees while I'm wokring on moving most of my adult life to another city."

As previously mentioned, I will update the site from time to time, but probably not with the same regularity. Maybe I'll even use this as a platform to vent my frustrations with moving, who knows? I hope that some time in April, things have settled and we can get back to your regularly scheduled programs! Til then, wish me luck, stop by the site from time to time and I'll always be in touch on various social media sites!

PS. Here's a picture taken from the new town I'll be living in. It's a picture of snow. Because, yes, I'm moving north explicitly in search of real winter.

I <3 winter